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Services we offer

Early Care & Education

A Child's World's enriches early experiences for children through cooperative play and exploring the world around them.  We aim to foster the development of children and create a strong foundation for lifelong learning by providing developmentally appropriate education and quality care, support for families and resources for the community.

Screening & Assessment

Screening and assessment provide valuable information about each child's interests, strengths, and needs. A Child's World uses screenings to give teachers and families a clear view of whether the child's development is on track. then we assess each child systematically over time through observations which  helps inform curriculum planning, teaching, and individualizing for each child

Before & After School 

Have to be at work before your elementary school student has to be at school or do you get off after they get out of school?  A Child's World offers before and after school services that gives you piece of mind knowing that your child is in a safe and loving environment while you are at work.  We will provide a fun environment to include breakfast, afternoon snack and help with homework.  

Resources for Families

in our approach to support the whole child, A Child's World understands that this means the family as well.  We know that sometimes families need a little extra help and we find it to be our responsibility to assist in every way that we can.  This includes  helping families find the necessary resources to get them back on track.  

Summer Camp

Spend your summer with A Child's World and go on "A Trip Around the WORLD!".  we start of in our neighborhood, then we go to our city, our state, and our country.  We explore Africa, Europe and Asia, and North America and South America.  Then we dive deep under the sea and end on a rocket ship to space.  It is fun filled and action packed. 

Extra Curricular

Here at A Child's World our program also includes, a music program, that provides  a modern & effective way to teach kids real world musical skills.  It focuses on pitch during your child's critical period for auditory development. This makes it fun & easy for your kids while having a long-lasting effect on your child's sense of pitch

What our customers are saying

I tell everyone to bring their children here.  We know our children are in good hands

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